Raja Yoga Meditation Courses

Learn to meditate each Saturday morning for four weeks or Weekdays (Mon & Wed am).

Experience peace, inner strength and wisdom through 'yoga for the mind'.  

Learn how to:

*  meditate anytime, anywhere
*  experience the beauty of the true self
*  understand the nature of consciousness
*  connect with the Divine
*  use your 8 spiritual powers 

It is essential to attend all 4 classes.
Individual meditation courses are available for those unable to attend group courses - enquire: (020) 8727 3350
Courses in Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Turkish, Italian and other languages are available on enquiry.

Upcoming Courses on Saturdays

Upcoming Courses on Mondays and Wednesdays


Positive Thinking in a Nutshell

Life will never be without its challenges.  Knowing how to create a positive attitude can change a problem into an opportunity, making life less fraught and more enjoyable.

Explore the power and influence of thought and the impact of positive attitudes.

Learn how to:

* become a master of your thoughts and feelings
* tap into the natural positivity of the mind
* finish energy-draining self-talk and language
* improve the quality of your relationships
* remain free from negative influence and pressure 

Upcoming Courses

Relax More, Stress Less

Stress has been identified as a leading cause of many health problems. Largely psychological, rather than physical in origin and therefore much more difficult to prevent and remedy, modern stress affects nearly all of us at some point in our lives. Regardless of its origins, stress drains our physical, emotional and mental energy.

Learn how to:

* Identify different levels of stress and rise above them to create a relaxed mind and body;
* Protect yourself from negative influences;
* Gain confidence in dealing with difficult relationships;
* Empower your ability to respond effectively in high stake situations.

Upcoming Courses

Boosting Self Esteem

Building and sustaining self-esteem and self-worth.
Self-esteem is one of the most crucial ingredients for a happy and successful life. It affects our ability to fulfil our potential, sustain good relationships and feel at ease with ourselves and our talents.
Knowing who and what we truly are and realising our innate positive attributes is the foundation of inner transformation and also the basis of effective self-management.
This seminar includes a range of spiritual, meditation and self-awareness techniques to help start to demolish the blockages that come between us and high true self-esteem.

Upcoming Courses

Breaking the Anger Habit

Letting go of pain enables us to be both peaceful and assertive.

Learn how to:

* understand the anger process
* realise the power of your thoughts in dealing with anger
* let go of inner pain
* use spiritual knowledge and awareness to transform anger
* develop a range of practical tools to live a more peaceful life

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Talks, Seminars & Special Events


Our Thursday evening talks are a chance to hear personal insights and wisdom from experienced speakers from a variety of backgrounds, from the UK and around the world.

Topics range from the practical, such as Intuitive Decision Making, Life Balance and Communication Skills to the more esoteric, such as ‘The true Nature of Love’, ‘How does Karma Work? And the ‘How to make God your Best Friend’.

Upcoming Talks

Special Events and Seminars

Special events can include Dialogues, Interviews, Panel Discussions, Concerts, Cultural Celebrations, Cookery Demonstrations, Plays and lots more.

Our seminars generally take places on weekend afternoons, where there is time for interaction, group work and with a tea break to chat with your fellow participants.

Upcoming Special Events


Weekly & Monthly Events

Spirituality and Men

Spirituality and Men (SAM) is a self-development group run by men for men, aiming to explore the spirit of man through informative dialogue, honest interaction and the silence of meditation.

Every first Sunday of the month 2 – 5.30pm

Upcoming Groups

Creative Meditation

These evenings are open to everyone wanting to enhance their meditation practice.   
Practical ways to develop and deepen your meditation experience through visualisation, movement and journaling. 
Every Friday at 7pm – 8.15pm

Upcoming Groups

Women and Spirituality

A nurturing space for women of all cultures to explore their inner resources, unlock the doors to authenticity and create a future that holds a deeper and more meaningful happiness.

Themes include:   

* Emerging the real Me
* Fostering wholesome relationships
* Using universal values in daily life
* Building inner strength
* Exploring the deeper qualities of peace, love, joy and compassion
* Recognising, accepting, and appreciating our rights and responsibilities

 Every Tuesday morning at 10.30am- 12.15am

Upcoming Groups

Serene For Women

Supporting women to live their lives with assurance and inner clarity.

Once a month Serene for Women  hosts sessions to support self-discovery and self-development with:

* Talks
* Workshops
* Inner Reflections

In an atmosphere of understanding and respect, all women are welcome.  There is an opportunity to dialogue with the speaker who usually gives tips and tools on how to flourish in today’s world.



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Be Inspired
Come and explore our wide range of:
  • guided meditation commentaries, relaxation music and meditative songs
  • books on self-development, Raja Yoga meditation and vegetarian cooking
  • packs of virtue and self-empowerment cards
  • Spirituality-related posters
  • Greeting cards
  • Gifts such as Rock salt lamps, incense and more
The shop is open every day from8am – 12 noon. You can also buy products directly from the bookshop website  Inspired Stillness Website

Quiet Room

Relax, Recharge and Refresh! 

Treat yourself to some good vibes in the Quiet Room here at Global Co-operation House.

The quiet room is a space designed especially for you to dive deep into silence, meditate, ponder, connect to the Divine or simply chill.

Best of all – it’s open every day of the year from 8am till 8pm! 

Booking not required - just ask at Reception



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