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Gift Aid Scheme

As a registered charity, we are entitled to claim Gift Aid on contributions made by UK taxpayers.

The Gift Aid scheme allows us to claim back 25p from HMRC for every £1 that you donate to us at no extra cost to you. The declaration covers all donations including one-off payments and regular donations. Your declaration has been applied to any donations that you may have made to Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University UK (BKWSU) over the past four years and any donations you make in the future. Your donations are eligible for the scheme if you are a UK taxpayer and you are currently paying Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax that is equal to or more than the tax deducted from your donations. Please let us know if you have made donations to us but have not been a UK taxpayer in this period.

You are entitled to cancel your Gift Aid declaration at any time within a period of 30 days without any tax being claimed by BKWSU. Should you choose not to Gift Aid your donations or if you stop paying tax, please let us know and we can take your donations out of the Gift Aid scheme.


You can download a Gift Aid Form for a Single Donation here

You can download a Gift Aid Form for a Multiple Donations here