Are you authentically you? Studies show that, on average, people lie 100 times a day. This suggests that most of us shape ourselves to some degree in order to fit in and gain the approval of others. When there are so many influences through the media, through our screens and through our daily interactions, how can we tell if we are truly being ourselves - or products of subtle imitation and adaption? And who would we be, if we were comfortable and proud to be our true selves? 
Speaker: Mel Bain
Melanie creates a space of safety and freedom in which to tap into one’s own beauty and potential and integrates this with a depth of wisdom and humour, making her approachable and accessible. Her ability to think outside the box brings a fresh perspective to spiritual truths and their practical relevance in everyday living. Melanie has been a counsellor since 2003 and has worked alongside the criminal justice system, healthcare sector and currently works with Social Care supporting young people and their families.


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