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भय से मुक्त नये भविष्य की ओर | From Fear towards a New Future

The whole world has lived with the belief - as the situation, so will be our state of mind - so when there is a challenge like a pandemic we feel that fear and anxiety are natural. However, instead of allowing the situation to affect our mind, our mind should influence the situation. Remembering this will help us become fearless. Speaker: Sister Usha Bhavsar Sister Usha has been teaching meditation for the past 25 years and enjoys sharing spirituality using her life experiences. She has served with the Brahma Kumaris abroad in a number of countries and is presently based at Global Co-operation House, the national co-ordinating office in London.

From Inner Critic to Inner Coach | Taking Coaching to a Deeper Level

A Spirit of Coaching event (Please note personal sharings and breakout rooms have been omitted from this recording) For all coaches and people interested in personal growth and development It is often said that our mind can be our best friend or worst enemy. There is often a war doing on inside between these two aspects of ourselves and it can be quite draining and demoralizing. This afternoon’s event will explore how we can train the mind to support and empower us to live a happier and more fulfilling life. In this afternoon’s event, Judy Apps, the well-known coach and author of various books on finding your voice, will explore with John McConnel, stress management trainer and meditation teacher, how we can train the mind to support and empower us to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

विविध परिस्थितियों में भगवान की मदद के अनुभव | Experiences of God's Help in Adverse Situations

A conversation between three meditators with the same study and practice but different backgrounds, each one with their own unique experiences of facing different situations in life. They will share how GOD has helped them in their situation and how their faith and relationship with GOD has strengthened. Speakers: Sister Meera (Slough), Brother Mukesh (Manchester), Sister Karuna (Southall)

ForThe Love of our Mother | A Meditative Journey into Nature

Contributing to Sacred People, Sacred Earth: A Multi-Faith Global Day of Action Brahma Kumaris UK in collaboration with Faith for the Climate will offer an hour's online meditation with visuals and silent reflective spaces.