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A thought is like a seed from which a whole tree grows
Launching a very practical, accessible and beautifully designed book inspired by the sharings of the late Dadi Janki, Spiritual Head of the Brahma Kumaris.
The evening will take the form of a conversation between the author and compiler Juliette Polle and the co-editor, Amita Heeralall.
Juliette Polle
Juliette is a retired nurse of 25 years. She came across the Brahma Kumaris in 1998 and really loved the concepts taught in the Positive Thinking and Meditation sessions, which she later went on to teach. She is an enthusiastic and creative person with a big and generous heart in helping others to empower themselves. Juliette has 3 children  and 6 grandchildren and is an active and engaging member of her community.
Amita Heeralall
Ami is a self-motivated individual whose aim is to bring a positive energy into every task. A brand and marketing expert by profession, she has been practising Raja Yoga  meditation for over 20 years and plays a key role in the work of the Publications department in Global Co-operation House. Ami’s main focus is to help people to slow down and look inwards, so that they can discover their true innate beauty.
Only I, the thinker, has the power to control my mind

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