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Suppress or Express
Something or someone has just upset you: a perceived injustice, a disappointment or a flash of jealousy, maybe. When an emotional storm is raging inside us, it seems we have two options. We either ‘express’ - let it all out, speak our heart, but often the repercussions double our trouble. Or we ‘suppress’ - keep it all in, allow it to fester and ferment and risk creating serious illness in the long term. 
Is there a third way? By ‘processing’ the emotions, checking the reality of the thoughts that are fueling the fire inside us, perhaps we can ultimately find the truth that sets us free. 
Speaker: Radha Gupta
Radha is a meditation teacher based in Rome, Italy. She was introduced to Raja Yoga during her childhood in India where she grew up. She deepened her practice in the UK and subsequently in Italy where she currently coordinates the activities of the Brahma Kumaris centre together with her work at a Rome-based UN Agency.

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